Shampoos and its effects

The industry about products for hair care, especially shampoos, has grown astronomically. There are hundreds of brands, shampoos different and each of them specialized in one type of staff of hair. Of all the publicity and propaganda surrounding the miracle shampoos, it is understandable that the shampoo has gained some misunderstanding about what it is and how to use it. To put it simply, we will execute the basics of shampoo for you, so next time you use your shampoo or go out and buy a new bottle, to take an informed decision and get the best shampoo for hair.

Today, shampoo formulas that promise everything from a better color of soft textures, or make your hair grow faster and rectum. But what is a good shampoo should do first is to clean the scalp and hair strands. Simple and straightforward, and everything else that comes with it are added bonuses.

What should you do a shampoo

Any formula of shampoo before being released commercially is widely studied in the laboratories of beauty. Specialists try to create a shampoo formula that both will be able to be a magnet for oil and waste, while managing to keep water and oil repel unwanted debris. In this way the hair is clean and maintains its natural beauty.

Besides the ability to clean, there are other aspects that shampoo specialists consider when creating your perfect shampoo formulas. First, the shampoo should not irritate the eyes, scalp or skin, should not damage the hair in any way, and should be effective in different types of water, tap water from wells.

In a bottle of shampoo is names like: Lauroamphoacetate sodium, derived from coconut oil that makes your tear free shampoo, helps counteract the citric acid, which is a severe irritant extracted from citrus fruits and is used to preserve the oils in the shampoo and act as antioxidants.

How Does Shampoo

Let's start by explaining the problem. His head, like everyone else, it creates oils that are designed to protect the hair and are very useful to the scalp. However, these oils still flow through the hair and suddenly becomes very oily, sticky and unpleasant. Not only that, but meet all types of dust, dirt and dead skin. Another problem with these natural oils that repel water. If you have ever tried to use only water to clean the hair, you know that does not work so well.

When you shampoo, which will act as a kind of vacuum pushing all the dirt and wash away with water. Therefore, it is important to always apply the massage with the shampoo, so it is left to collect all the dirt and allow time to apply shampoo beauty products other professionals included in its formula. Rinse your hair is also an important step in the use of a shampoo, and to remove all dirt and extra shampoo left behind.

You should use enough shampoo to the amount of hair, so it will be easier rinsing, it will not be too much shampoo left behind. After rinsing the hair with clean water that is clean and ready to dry. Therefore, the fundamentals of shampoos are covered and the next time you look at your bottle of shampoo, you'll have a better understanding of what goes on behind your care for your hair daily.

Shampoo - Do not leave itself is harmful to your health

People today are concerned about their health than before. People are starting to base their decisions about their health. Many everyday products we use all the time are often not considered. People are not aware of the hazards of soaps and shampoos to food and lifestyle. Shampoos and soaps both can damage our health without realizing it. Many substances found in shampoos contain carcinogenic chemicals. It is important that we all understand how we are making shampoos. You must also have an idea of ​​what to consider in a shampoo.

Shampoo ingredients

Products that have an adverse effect on health are increasingly being published. Shampoos often contain large amounts of chemicals, most of which are bad for us. These chemicals, thus damaging your skin and your health. Many shampoos are advertised, which will show healthy hair and boasting about the benefits. However, they are not aware of the harmful effects caused by a number of chemicals in commercial products. There are many chemicals found in shampoos which can cause cancer. This is particularly evident in the chemicals that end with "ETH" or those containing "PEG" in the name. GMS can be found in shampoo, which is a substance that is harmful especially for children, however, this often is hidden in many ingredients, such as proteins, amino acids and enzymes. These chemicals can enter the bloodstream bodies, through the spill. His sheds are opened when the body heats up, as this is part of your body's cooling system. Many people wash their hair with hot water. This means that these chemicals can enter the bloodstream and damage the body. This makes it very important to take into account the harmful substances. The above are only a select few.

Natural Shampoo

Natural shampoos contain many ingredients environment. Your skin and hair shampoo benefit from these. You can prevent dandruff and scalp problems. Organic shampoos are similar to natural shampoos and easy to use. Most organic shampoo also contains natural ingredients. Natural shampoos and organic shampoos can leave hair shiny and the silky, like the shampoo commercial. The hair becomes damaged hair hydrated and repaired. However, some are not completely natural. May be mixed with a chemical base, which contains some of the harmful ingredients. When choosing a natural or organic shampoo should make sure it is 100% natural.

Herbal Shampoo

The best shampoo herbs are those who, like natural shampoos that contain natural ingredients. Herbal Shampoo gives your hair to get a thorough cleaning, without the hairs natural oils stripped. Herbal shampoos help increase hair growth and therefore are ideal for people who suffer from hair loss. Sage and thyme are two natural ingredients found in herbal shampoo that soothes the scalp. The process of hair loss in men can be slowed through the use of herbal shampoo, which is a great benefit for men.

Shampoo Bowl Design

Here is an email I received from one of my clients who are confused about the different systems wash shampoo salon shampoo bowl designs and available in the market.

"I am opening a new salon and I love all the new style beauty salon shampoo stations, but I can not find the design style information anywhere. I have many questions. What salon shampoo washing style is the best system to buy Should I stick with the traditional lounge design bowl shampoo or new style European style dishes with shampoo? I'm used to the beauty salon use old fashion style chair with a sink. What are the pros and cons of buying each different style Are some more comfortable than others? is in some models offer better water management? Is there anyone who can guide me in the right direction? "

First I would like to say that I love this new design independent European shampoo wash units. The quality and style of the base units of fiberglass combined with the tilting porcelain bowls have created fantastic designs. That said, let's talk about the old question I get asked all the time: What shampoo bowl should I buy?

What I tell people to buy the one that will make your room stand out from the rest, if that's the fashion statement you want to do! But be aware of the pros and cons of design. Let's talk about the basics of shampoo equipment like water management (water / gravity) and customer convenience. I like to be divided into three styles of shampoo sink design each with their advantages and disadvantages.

1) An Asian style horizontal laying shampoo unit puts 100% of the head and 100% of water in the bowl with gravity working for you 100%. However, speaking from experience, they always seem to be difficult to establish (something like a table) and uncomfortable for clients. This shampoo unit probably has the water system improved management, but not a big seller because of the huge lack of customer convenience.

2) So let's talk about the beauty salon old fashion American shampoo sink with wall mount. Well think about it, the client is at 45 degrees with the gravity of their head hanging into the sink and the stylist washing from the side. This means to say that 45% of water with the aid of gravity is working with you for water management. But it's unfortunate that the client's head hangs on the bowl or whatever is holding. In addition to being forced to be toward the front side of the shampoo bowl typically wedged against the wall. This causes tension in the back of the strain and the head stylist for the client, but water management is not so bad because the sink is rather large and gravity is a little job for you.

3) Now that brings us to the Cup Euro style shampoo tilt back more than one style sit-all in one shampoo unit. These Euro designs are quite comfortable! Basically it's like sitting in a chair and this makes the customer more comfortable, easier to manage when shampooing. The typical hangover shampoo unit has quite independent ergonomic advantages for the stylists. First, you can wash hair standing in the back of the cup or on either side. This allows the back remains straight and the use of both hands can be equal. The bowl will tilt (most units) in compensation for the head and shoulders for different heights. Some of these dishes have a tendency to be smaller in diameter so they are closer to your customer, which is important for some of the smaller stylist. Most of the bowls have typically a deep hole in the neck with a greater lateral extent of the neck to collect water. This will help your water management with the longer neck extensions since gravity is not working in your favor with this style unit. You will have adequate water pressure but not excessive in combination with good working habits to manage the water around the client. Although gravity is a bit more of a problem with this style, the advantages of European style shampoo bowls far outweigh the slight differences in the traditional shampoo units.