The Best Way You Can Break Free of a Porn Addiction

In fact, my porn addiction was broken before the new year. This is just a simple article on how I broke free of a porn addiction.
There are many men out there with an addiction to pornography. One statistic that I read said upwards of 48% of Christian men were struggling with an addiction to porn. Some 8 weeks ago, I was counted in that number but not anymore!
There exists a process of repentance where if you are desperate enough as a Christian you can cry out to God and be set free from porn. When you are really sorry for looking at Innocent girls and really sorry for doing sexual sin to your own body and really sorry to God for doing it, you can be set free.
First of all though, you have to come to see what you are doing is really wicked.
If you feel justified as the girls are being paid, or you think watching a girl who will be doing sexual acts for other men to watch whether you watch or not is not good enough. You have to first understand that you are wicked and watching a girl have sex is wicked and not at all what God desires from you. Free iphone porn videos
You have to come to a point where you hate the sin. You have to come to a point where you can be confident to say to God you will never do it again.
When you realise that most girls that do a porn video only do one and leave the industry because they feel so humiliated and hurt by the experience, you may begin to have feelings for the poor girls.
When you have done some serious though about how bad it is and you are ready to really repent from your sin, just poor your heart out to God in a sorrowful prayer, telling Him if he grants you the grace you won't ever look at porn again.
When you really are serious and you mean business with God, he will have an angel take the spirit of lust out of you and when you walk down the street the next day all the girls will look different. No longer will your eyes be drawn to an exposed breast instead you will shift your eyes from looking.

Sex Instructional Videos - Watch and Learn!

Although it's evident that people nowadays are educated in the matter of sex, there are still those who need a little bit of help in that department. Whether you're just starting out to become sexually active, or you're in a relationship with a dwindling sex life, sex instructional videos may just be the thing you need. Sex can become quite a sensual and pleasurable activity, as long as you know exactly what you're doing and why you're doing it. Let sex instructional videos teach you a thing or two, and who knows? You might just discover as whole new side to you. Sex instructional videos are great as it can help you spice up your bedroom routine with your lover. With different tips and techniques that you can learn from these videos, you'll be able to become a better sexual partner. These videos can also help you let go of your inhibitions and your partner's as well and teach you to be more confident in your own skin, no matter what body type you have. And because it's highly recommended that you watch sex instructional videos with your lover, it can also possibly help strengthen the relationship. You may be thinking, what makes sex instructional vids any different from porn videos? Though both videos will show people having sexual intercourse, you'll actually learn something from instructional videos as it usually includes a narrative or a step by step guide. Whereas sex instructional videos aim to give you a better understanding of your body and how you can work it during sex, porn on the other hand will just show people having sex. If you think that sex is just like what you've seen on porn movies, you'll be surprised to know that there is more to it than just the act itself. There's foreplay, there's romance and there are techniques that can help you make the whole act a mind blowing experience. If you're interested to know how you can your hands on sex instructional videos, you have a few choices. Depending on where you live and how your culture perceives sex, you might find it really easy or a bit challenging to acquire these videos. If you have an adult bookstore or a sex shop in your community, you can start your search there. You can also check stores that sell movies and DVDs and look for the adult section. You can also look for online sites that sell sex instructional vids if you want to shop in the comforts of your own home. Although you'll find a wide selection of different titles and types online, do take your time in choosing a video for you. Make sure that you check the production company and the description thoroughly if you don't want to end up with cheap porn that was packaged as an instructional video. Look up reviews on which titles would be best suited for you. Don't forget to ask your lover's opinion on which titles to get so that you can come to a mutual agreement on what type of instructional video would best benefit you both.

Sex Ideas For Couples - Create a Romantic Evening

Sex ideas for couples can vary drastically and are crucial if you are looking to improve your sex life or just continue to have a great sexual relationship. Many people, especially those who have been in long term relationships, never seem to have any ideas when it comes to sex. Nothing is better than great sex and why so many people don't work at improving their sex lives has always been a mystery to me. One the easiest ideas that anyone can use to have great sex is to simply plan a romantic evening. Women love to be swept of their feet and when done properly can lead to some of the best sex of your life. A romantic evening will take time and effort but is one of the best sex ideas for couples who really want to sweep their partner off their feet. Start with a nice romantic stroll and make sure you time it so you can enjoy the sunset. There is something about a sunset that is very romantic. Next, head off to a fancy, intimate dinner. This can be at a classy, quiet restaurant or can be something you do at home. The keys for the dinner are privacy, intimacy, candles and soft music. Head home and off to the bedroom where this sex idea for couples really takes off. Ensure the room is lit with candles and offer your partner a massage. Slowly undress your mate, start at the top and work your way down. Take the time to kiss, nibble and touch your partner in ways that will leave them moaning in pleasure. At this point in the evening you are about to have the most intimate and highly satisfying sex of your life. Enjoy! A romantic evening is just one of many sex ideas for couples that hopefully has triggered you to realize the importance of keeping your sexual relationship fresh and exciting.

Sex Ideas For Couples - Tips on Choosing Your First Sex Toy

If you are looking for some new sex ideas for couples, I would highly suggest bringing sex toys into the mix. Sex toys can lead to a whole new world of sexual discovery and are a perfect way to spice up things between the sheets. If you don't own any sex toys this article will help making that first purchase a little easier.
Before putting these great sex ideas for couples into play there are a few things to consider, think about and discuss with your partner before spending your hard earned money.
  1. Research: This may sound like an obvious tip but when I say research I mean that I want you to think about what kind of stimulation you are looking for. The best way to do this is through self pleasure. This really is the best way to figure out how you enjoy stimulation and will really help you narrow down your choices. If you want these sex ideas for couples to work you have to be comfortable with self pleasure, if you are not then a sex toy will not help change that problem, you will need to start that on your own
  2. Uses: Do you plan on using the sex toy by yourself so you can better explain to your partner how to stimulate you or is this something you want both of you to enjoy? This is a very important question to ask as sex toys are not designed for individual people but some are designed more for those looking for solo or partner play. Some couples use their own toys together and others prefer to meet in the middle and get one toy that both can use. The decision is up to you but it is worth considering and discussing so that you both get the most out of your purchase
  3. Money: How much do you want to spend on these sex ideas for couples? This is worth discussing, regardless of today's economic situation, because if you go and spend $200 on a sex toy it does not mean you will get better pleasure. A cheaper toy can be just as much fun as a high end toy, it just more than likely won't last as long. I suggest you start with cheaper toys until you discover what you really like and then invest in a higher end toy. The higher end toys usually have better designs and are more durable but there is nothing worse than dropping big bucks for something you end up never using
Hopefully after reading this article you will feel more confident at introducing sex toys into your sex life. They really are some of the best sex ideas for couples looking to spice things up.

Sex Ideas For Couples - Act Out a Fantasy

Everywhere you look there are people asking for sex ideas for couples. I personally think that this is a great thing as this means more and more people are making the effort at finding ways to improve their sex lives. There are many great ideas for couples to employ and using your imagination can help a lot too.
For those that would rather surf the net and get ideas from others then perhaps this is one you can use. Try acting out one of your partner's fantasies. This one of the great sex ideas for couples that can lead to some really great sex and a whole new wild sexual adventure.
Everyone one has fantasies, if they say they don't they are lying. We all remember that Friends episode where Rachel acts out Ross' Star Wars/Princess Leia fantasy. Fantasies can range anywhere from tame to extreme so depending on what your partner's fantasy is you may or may not feel comfortable doing certain things. Remember that is OK. Never do something you are not comfortable with.
Acting out a fantasy really is one of the great sex ideas for couples but try and act out the fantasy when they least expect it to add another element of surprise. Have a conversation with your partner/spouse to discover and discuss the fantasy and then wait a bit before acting it out for him of her. This will give you the time to plan everything out and sweep your partner of their feet when they least expect it.
Another reason that at acting out a fantasy is one of the great sex ideas for couples is the fact that many people find it easier to shed their inhibitions. Shedding inhibitions makes it easier to open yourself up to other sex ideas for couples like role playing, sex toys, watching an adult movie together, and the list goes on and on.
People look for sex ideas for couples because they want to have a better, more exciting sex life. A big part of broadening your sexual horizons is discovering and trying new things, so why not try acting out a fantasy. You could be pleasantly surprised.