Sex Ideas For Couples - Learn & Try Different Positions

One of the simplest sex ideas for couples looking to improve and change their sex lives is to try different positions. Researching, learning and trying some new positions with your partner is a wonderful way to kick start any relationship.
You often read about how sexual relationships become dull and boring after time and a big part of that is due to people getting stuck in the same routine and never looking for any new sex ideas for couples to try. Change is not only healthy for a good sex life it is a must. Part of obtaining a healthy sex lifestyle is realizing that you need to expand your sexual horizons and learning some new positions are some of the perfect sex ideas for couples to start out with.
There are a multitude of positions that will trigger more sex ideas for couples, are you looking to try some new positions while maintaining a high level of intimacy? If so, consider some of the variations of the man on top or missionary positions. Some of these positions include the anvil, deep stick, rabbit and lotus.
Other great ideas for couples regarding positions are:
  • Woman on top positions-these positions make for some great sex ideas for couples, especially for woman as they allow her to take control of the depth and motions of penetration.
  • From behind positions-are great for g-spot stimulation and allow the man to control the motion and depth of penetration
  • Side by side positions-offer the most for couples who enjoy manual stimulation during intercourse and men find that they are able to last longer in these positions as the strokes are not as strong
  • Standing positions-offer very sensual sex positions for couples looking for intimacy while making love in a unique way.
As you can see there more than enough variety in positions for anyone looking from new and different some sex ideas for couples. The key is to learn them, put them into practice and start down the road to a healthier, more exciting and broader sex life.